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Mei-He primary school is located in the north of TaiMali township. Which is a suburban school that close to Chihpen-the famous tour area of Taitung city. There are two main goals of Mei-He primary school. The first one is environmental greening and recycling. It has been selected merit award. Teachers design specific courses to teach students to implement environmental education into their daily lives.Which can help students to have better understanding of their own environment and home town. After years of effort, almost all the students of Mei-He have the awareness of protecting environment.
The other one is progressing traditional skills to keep traditions.The three traditional skills that Mei-He primary school develop are dragon dance, drum dance and drumming show. The dragon dance symbolizes the continuation of traditional culture and displays strength and spirit. The drumming show is the most famous community of Mei-He primary school. Drumming show displays powerful rhythm that not only encourges people, but also creates a lively atmosphere of the festival. It’s also invited to perform in many occasions frequently. Drum dance is the biggest community of Mei-He, which contains 32 students to form the team. The members of the team play drums, gongs and swing the flags to show the spirit of traditional festival. The purpose of school in progressing school-based community is to foster students' commitment to traditional culture and the spirit of cooperation for the same purpose.
On the other hand, Mei-He also focus on linguistic ability of Chinese ,not only been part of the union schools of common wealth magazine, but also get outstanding achievement of language competition of Mei-He township .In order to improve the expression and speaking ability of languane,we promote the weekly language activities. Every student should perform on the stage 2 times at least. This is the way to improve their expression ability and courage. After years of training It’s our hope that if the school creates atmosphere of emphasizing on language and encouragement to cultivat the children’s ability, high learning quality will emerge and the children can be happy to grow.